Eva       Applied Life Science         Senior                        
Denise     Applied Life Science          Junior

Pan      Statistics                            Junior

Evon     Statistics                            Junior







Act 1


Pan was dealing with some documents in her office. Emily came in.


E:   Good morning, Ms. Jackson!

P:   Good morning, Emily!

   Mum…sorry ! Can you bring me some coffee?

E:    Two spoons of milk and one cube of sugar? 

P.        Yes… You are really a mindful secretary!

E:    ..shall be with you in minute.


Pan went back to continue her work and Emily went to make coffee. After a while, Emily knocked at the door.


P:   Come on in.

E:   Ms. Jackson, your coffee.

P:   Thanks a lot.

E:   And these are the documents you wanted yesterday.

P:   What documents?

E:   Our company’s recent marketing reports since September.

P:   Oh! --Yes, I forgot it! Thank you!

   Did you send Ms. Miller copies of this?

E:   Yes. I’ve already done it yesterday evening.

P:   Good. What’s on the agenda today?

E:   At nine-thirty, Ken Ling, personnel manager wants to discuss some

       subjects with you at MB201. Then Miss Smith has an appointment to

       see you at eleven.

P:   OK! Anything else?

E:   And you have a meeting at three o’clock.

P:   I guess that’s all about today. Nothing more and nothing less.

E:   Your are right.


Nearly at nine-thirty, Pan entered Emily’s office and had a few quick words with her.


P:   I want to see Mr. Ling now.  If somebody calls me, please ask him to leave     massage. Our meeting will be ended at about eleven.

E:   You got it.




Act 2


The quality control director rang to discuss something with the general manager, but she was in a meeting with the personnel manager. So the quality control director left a message to her. When the secretary was speaking to the QC director, Mr. Cook, the phone had a bad connection.

At about 10:20, telephone rang.


E: Good morning, Oscar Trading Co. May I help you?

C: Yes. Is Ms. Jackson in? Please! Hello? Hello…

E: Hello? Hello? I can’t hear you. I think we have a bad connection. Would

      you speak louder, please?

C: O.K. No problem. I want to speak to Ms. Jackson.

E: Oh, I’m sorry. She is in an important meeting right now .

C: What time will she be available?

E: I’m sorry. I don’t know when the meeting will be over.  Would you like to leave her a message?

C: Yes, this is Peter Cook speaking, the quality control director. I have a very

      important thing to tell her.

E: How do you spell your name?

C: P-E-T-E-R and C-O-O-K.

E: Thank you. And what’s your number?

C: 7-7-7-1-1-1-1. Hong Kong City code is 04.

E: And what’s the message you want to leave?

C: Please tell her. We have some problems in our production line. I must

      discuss details with her. This is urgent.

E: Certainly. I shall let her call you back immediately.




Act 3


It’s nearly eleven o’clock. Ms. Jackson came out of her office and had a short talk with her secretary about Miss Smith’s arrival.


E: Mr. Cook, the quality control director, called you at about ten twenty.

   This is her massage. She said she got some problems in their production


Y: Yes, I will call her back. I must deal with some urgent matters now.

      For Miss Smith may arrive at any minute

C: Oh! I see!


Miss Smith knocked at the secretary’s door.


E: Come on in. Yes, May I help you?

D: Yes. I am Denise Smith. The sales representative of Max International.

I would like to see your manager, Ms. Jackson. I have an appointment with her this morning. Would you please check it for me?

E: (Checked the schedule). That is right. Just a minute, please. Let me advise her first.

D: Thank you.

E:   (Knocked and opened the door).  Excuse me…Miss. Smith is coming.

P: Send her in, please.

E:   (Closed the door). Come in, please. Ms. Jackson would like to see you now.

D: Thank you.

P: (Shaked hands with Denise ).  Nice to meet you.

D: Nice to meet you, too.

P: Sit down, please.

D: Now it’s about your offer.

P: What kind of information do you want to negotiate with? …

    services, bidding, discount. You name it. I can explain details to you.

D:   I just want to know the details about discount.

P: Well, generally speaking, we give a special discount of 10 percent.

    But actually, it has to depend on your quantity of orders.

D: I see, so how about our order of 1500 dozens?


While Mr. Jackson was discussing with Miss Smith about the order, the quality control director, Mr. Cook, called the general manager again.

The telephone was ringing.


E: Good morning, Oscar Trading Co. May I help you?

C: Yes. May I speak to Ms. Jackson? Please.

E: Yes, may I ask who’s calling, please?

C: This is Peter Cook, the quality control director.

E: Just a minute, please! (Connecting…).

   Ms. Jackson, Mr. Cook’s calling. Do you want me to put him through the


P: …Mmm…yes, please! (Connecting and talking..). Hello! Peter, what’s up?

     I saw the message. What’s the important thing in the factory?

C: It’s urgent. We have some problems with our machines.

P: Problem? What is it?

C: Yes, fifteen machines broke down yesterday.

P: Jesus! This is going to damage our business. Could I call you back later?


Denise interrupted the telephone dialogue.


D: It’s ok! I have to go now. We can talk about this order of 1500 dozens of your White-Blue T-shirts some other day.

P: Oh! Sorry. Wait a minute! We don’t need to sign any contract now.

D: But, I have to discuss with our manager for details. I will get back to you when some important decision comes out. Thank you for meeting me.

P: You are most welcome. I shall wait for your further instruction. It’s time for lunch. Would you like to eat with me? I know a good Italian restaurant near our office.

D: Sound fine! I shall meet you at the restaurant at twelve thirty.


Meanwhile Peter Cook was holding the phone.


P: Yes! Peter. Go ahead now. Where were we?

C: So, the production department is in a confused situation this morning.

P: How many orders must we give to Holiday Inn? You know it is the biggest

      multi-national group in the worldwide hotel business. 

C: About ten thousands.

P: O.K. Do you call the maintaining department?

C: Yes, I’ve called, and they’re fixing the machines right now. They estimate

that we can use these machines for three hours before they reinstall the new parts for these machines.

P: Can we deliver the order to Holiday Inn in time?

C: Yes, if the maintaining department can repair them and machines can run normally before Friday. Besides, workers can work overtime to finish production.

P: Splendid! Things couldn’t be better than this! Keep in touch and report to

      me whenever any changes take place.


Pan was leaving for lunch. She left message to Emily before doing so.  


P:  Emily, I’m having lunch with Ms. Smith at the Italiana. You can call me, if

         you have something important needing my help.

E: Ok! I’ll contact you if somebody calls.  May you have a good lunch!

P: Sure.


Act 4


After Pan left, the telephone rang. Ring…


E: Hello, Oscar, May I help you?

D: Yes, may I speak to Ms. Jackson?

E: Oh! I am sorry. She has just gone out.

D: Well, when do you expect her back?

E: Sorry, I am not sure. May I take a message?

D: Yes, please. My name is Denise Smith, the sales representative of Max International.

E: Have you ever come here this morning?

D: Yes, I did. Would you please tell her that I cannot come for lunch appointment. But I shall have an appointment with her next Tuesday to sign a contract.    Have her call me back a.s.a.p.

E: No problem. I will tell her the message, Miss Smith.

D: Thank you. Bye!

E: Bye!