Business English: Role play

Characters:         Nico - Client and Lawyer

                     Jolie - Boss

                     Amy - Secretary


In a party


Amy: It is really a nice party, isn’t it?

Jolie: Of course it is. See there are lots of company owners.

       Maybe we can meet some important people in this party…

Amy: And obtain more cases.

Jolie: I hope so.


Here comes the president of a computer company.


Jolie: Look! There comes the president of Beta Computer Company! Let’s go

           there and have a chat.  

Jolie: It’s really a pleasure to see you, Miss Wang.

Nico: My pleasure,too.

Jolie: This is my secretary, Amy.

Nico: Hi, nice to meet you. I am Nico. I work in Beta Computer Company.

Amy: I know. We have got quite many orders from you.

Nico: Yes, your company is capable and efficient. You seldom delay in sending

       products. It’s really pleasant to work with you.

Jolie: Thanks for your compliment.

Nico: About this order in process, can you hand in these products just in time? I

   know it’s quite a big quantity for you to handle.

Amy: It won’t be a problem. You know that we don’t delay.

Jolie: Absolutely it is. Oh, I am sorry I have to leave. I have someone to meet.

Nico: Please feel free to do so.

Jolie: Maybe we will meet again some other time. (shake hands)


After talking to the customer, the two partners drew some comments on Ms. Wang.


Amy: She’s a smart business woman.

Jolie: Yes, she is. Her company brings us some substantial profits. We have made quite a fortune from doing business with her.

Amy: Oh yes. I remember that about 40 percent of our orders are from


Jolie: That’s why we have to keep a good relationship with her. Losing her is a

           stupid fault which we should not allow to happen.

Amy: I see. Next time her cases are passed on to me, I will do my best to satisfy

            her demand.

Jolie: Good, that’s why I count on you so much.

Amy: For sure! About her recent order, can we deliver on time?

Jolie: I’m afraid we can’t. Too many orders arrive this month. I know Miss

    Wang’s is the biggest. I’ll call Bill to handle this. I hope he can solve this

    Problem for us. I don’t want to lose such an important customer. 

Amy: I will do my best . What is important to the company is important to me. 


In the Secretary’s Office


Amy: Hello, Universal computer manufacturing. This is Amy speaking. May I

            help you?

Hello:     This is Nico Wang. May I talk to Ms. Jolie Chen?

Amy: I am sorry. Ms. Chen is away from her desk at the moment.

Nico: O.K. Then when do you expect her back?

Amy: Sorry. I am really not sure. May I take a message?

Nico: Yes, please. My name is Nico Wang. And my phone number is 27905420

Amy: OH -- Ms. Wang. We had met in the party last week. Do you remember? I am Ms. Wang’s secretary, Amy.

Nico: Really? It’s nice to speak to you again.

Amy: Same to me. Any problem that you need our help?

Nico: Well, last month I have ordered 100 computers. Your delivering department still can not send the products to me this week. The order has been delayed for two weeks.

Amy: Sorry about that. There must be some reasons for this mishandling

Nico: Besides, I have already left several messages for Ms. Wang. But she never

            returned my calls.

Amy: I am really sorry to hear that.

Nico: Anyway, please ask her to call me as soon as possible.

Amy: No problem. I’ll give her the message and ask her to return your call


Nico: Thanks a lot, good -bye.

Amy: Bye          


In the Boss’ Office


Amy walked in and Jolie was talking to someone on the phone.


Amy: Sorry to disturb you. Can you give me some seconds.

Jolie: Okay. Wait a minute. (To the phone) Could you excuse me for a minute? I won’t be long. (To Amy) What happened?

Amy: Ms. Wang called you for an important matter. She wants you to answer the phone call as soon as possible.

Jolie: Which Ms. Wang?

Amy:   The Bata - we met last week in the party. Can’t you remember?

Jolie: Oh! I got it. Do you know why she called me?

Amy: She just told me that her order was delayed. I have no idea about the details. I have left her message on your desk.

Jolie:   Here it is. I saw it. I will call her back. Do you have something else to tell me?

Amy: Don’t forget that you and your wife have a date tonight. She asked me to

remind you. And you will have a meeting with the marketing manager at 4:00 PM.

Jolie: I know. And please make three copies of the document: one for me, one for the marketing manager and one for the file. In addition, mail this package for me.

Amy:   Okay.


Amy left and Jolie continued his talk on the phone.


After a period of time


Amy knocked the door and came in.


Jolie: Sorry to keep you waiting. My assistant just came in for another thing. I

            am afraid of having no time to talk to you. Next time we go out for a

            reunion. In a coffee shop, we won’t be interrupted and we can have

    quiet time to listen to gossips. I have to hang up. Remember to keep in touch. Bye! Bye! (To Amy) Anything else?

Amy: Your lawyer, Mr. Fox, is on the line. He wants to discuss with you about the new contract and something about Ms. Wang’s order.

Jolie: Okay, I’ll take it. (To Mr. Fox) Hello! Fox? How about the new contract? Is anything wrong?   

Fox:    Well, the new contract has no problem. However, you may get into some trouble.

Jolie: About what?

Fox:    According to the contract you made with Ms. Wang, you must give Ms. Wang some special discount.

Jolie: Why?

Fox:    Cause you have delayed Ms. Wang’s order for more than three months.

Jolie: The sales manager didn’t report to me about that. Okay, then how is the discount?

Fox:    It’s 25%off the total cost of 4 million. This means you’re going to lose one million dollars.

Jolie: I don’t believe this. Is your estimation correct? I need to check with my accountant.

Fox:     You’d better do so. But I just want to warn you- pay attention to the

            manufacturing process. There must be some flaws there so that your

            workers can not keep up with the deadline.

Jolie: Sure, anything else?

Fox:    Well, nothing but good luck

Jolie:   Oh --Today is not my day.