Office Dialogue 






















Minor English: Business English

Teacher:  Ms. Deh-Ling Lin

Students:   Group 9     

Information Engineering      Merie Chen

Information Engineering        Frank Liu

International Trade and        Maria Chang



Time:    9 am, October 23, 2000.

Place:    Taipei Trading Co.


Actors: Boss — Frank

               Secretary — Merie

               Customers — Maria



Act One


Secretary: Good morning, Mr. Liu.

Boss: Morning, Marie.

     Oh…could you show me my schedule this week?

Secretary: No problem, sir.

Boss: Thanks, Marie. You look refreshed today!

Secretary: Thank you! Sir, this is your schedule for this week.

          Today, you have a meeting at 10 o’clock with Mr. Jones.          

                  Wednesday, you have to participate in an interview.

          As for Thursday, you’ll have a meeting with Mr. Liu at 3 o’clock.

          Is there anything else you want to know, sir?

Boss: That’s it. I guess. Thanks. I’ll call you later when necessary.


Act Two


Boss: Excuse me, Marie. Can you type this paper for me before three o'clock in the afternoon? The paper is about the agenda of an important meeting and the proposal of a sales project. Please prepare it well.

Secretary: Ok, Boss. I will.


At about two o’clock…


Secretary: These papers are ready for you. Please check the contents. In case there is any error on the paper, please tell me. I shall modify them. I am working outside.

Boss: Ok. I will call you when I need you.


Half an hour later…


Boss: Marie, can you come in?

Secretary: Yes. Any problem?

Boss: Oh, some figures are wrong and a few words are mistyped. Besides, I need a 

 cup of coffee.

Secretary: Ok, please wait a second. I will get it ready for you.

Boss: Thanks. Be sure the phone called by Ms. Chang.

     She is an important customer, and I don't want to miss her call.

Secretary: Ok. I will pay attention to such a call.


Act Three


Secretary: Good morning, this is Taipei Trading Co. May I help you?

Chang: Yes, may I speak with Frank Liu?

Secretary: I am sorry; he is not in at the moment. Would you like to leave him a message?

Chang: Thanks. Please tell him to call back as soon as he returns. I have some business to deal with him.

Secretary: May I please have your name?

Chang: This is Maria Chang speaking.

Secretary: OK. And the telephone number is?

Chang: 2303-5118, extension 2351.

Secretary: Thank you for calling. I will let him call you back soon.

Chang: Good-bye.

Secretary: Bye


Act Four


Secretary: Good afternoon, this is Taipei Trading Co. May I help you?

Costumer A: This is Jason Wang. May I speak to Mr. Frank Liu? I am the manager of North-Star Company.

Secretary: Umm, allow me to check if he is in the office.

Costumer A: Ok...thanks.


The secretary got through the call to Frank.


Boss: Hello, this is Frank's speaking.

Costumer A: Hi, Frank. It's me, Jason.

Boss: Oh, Jason. How are you doing? Long time no see.

Costumer A: Not bad. I got married.

Boss: Congratulations. Delightful News! We have not met for a long time. Let me think…since 1997… when we met the last time in Taipei Hilton, right?

Costumer A: Umm. I do think so. But it's ok. We could talk it later.

           Today I want to ask some questions about the price of your product. Our company wants to buy some. But the price should be reasonable.


Act Five


Mr. Eric Hwang came to the secretary’s office and asked her some questions.


Costumer B: Excuse me. My name is Eric Hwang. I’ve an appointment with the general manager, Mr. Liu, on next Thursday. But I want to cancel it because of some important reasons. So is it possible to meet him now?

Secretary: I’m sorry sir. I have to ask Mr. Liu first, because maybe the new appointment will contradict with his schedule. Please have a seat first!!!

Costumer: Ok!!! Thank you.


The boss was talking on phone with customer A and was going to finish his conversation on the phone.


Boss: No problem. I will give you a satisfactory answer.

     Oh, please wait. Marie, is there any problem??

Secretary: Umm... a Mr. Eric Hwang is waiting outside.

Boss: Ok...Let him wait for a second.

     Jason, an important guest is waiting for me now, so could we talk it later. I will call back later.

Costumer A: Ok... But be sure replying me before four o'clock.

           After four, I will get off duty.

Boss: OK.


Act Six


Boss: Come in …

Secretary: Sir, Mr. Hwang is here. He has to cancel his Tuesday appointment.

        So can you meet him today???

Boss: Umm, let me think about it. But I have a meeting in 10 minutes. Oooww…

       I think I can meet him after 4 o’clock.

Secretary: Ok. I’ll tell him.


The secretary went outside and asked Eric Hwang if he could make at 4.


Secretary:  Mr. Hwang, could you attend the meeting after 4 o’clock?

Customer B: After 4 o’clock??

Secretary: Yes.

Customer B: Ok …I’ll be free at five. So, let’s set up the meeting then.

Secretary: Fine. I will remind Mr. Liu of meeting you on time.

Customer B: Thank you very much.

Secretary: You’re welcome.


The secretary reentered into the Boss’s office


Secretary: Sir, so at 5 you will have a meeting with Mr. Eric.

Boss: Ok, thanks.

Secretary: By the way, there is a message from Ms. Chang asking you to call back for dealing business with you.

Boss: Ok, thanks.


Act Seven


Chang: Hello, this is Maria. May I help you?

Frank: Hello, this is Frank speaking.

Chang: Oh, Frank. Thank you for returning my call.

Frank: That’s ok. What do you want to talk with me?

Chang: I'd like to buy one of you products, the delicate microwave. Its product number is 00888. I saw the microwave's advertisement several weeks ago. I am quite impressive. Could you offer the best prices available? We shall buy 20 sets.

Frank: I am sorry, but the goods were just sold out last month. If you'd like, may I introduce you another model?

Chang: Really? Umm... the product is very hot, isn't it? So, you have no inventory in your warehouse, don't you?

Frank: No, I don't have any left.

Chang: Ok. Then, if I order the old model now, how long will it take to get the goods?

Frank: Wait a minute. Let me check. Umm... It takes about six weeks to manufacture the microwaves, and another 4 weeks to deliver them.

Chang: So it does take a long time to receive the product. In this way, could you introduce the new model that you have just mentioned to me?

Frank: Sure, it is my pleasure. The product, the Practical Microwave, also has the same functions as the one you want. Besides, its fashionable pattern is an attractive design for decorating the user's kitchen.

Chang: Sounds very interesting. Could you mail me a catalogue and price list? By the way, the price must be reasonable and competitive.

Frank: Ok, no problem. Everything is as your wish.

Chang: I will discuss this matter with my boss after examining the catalogue and price list. As soon as we make a decision, I will let you know.

Frank: I am pretty sure you will like the product. Please call me when you have any inquiry about our offer.

Chang: Fine, thanks. See you soon.


Final Act


Frank: Marie, could you bring me the file for my meeting with Eric?

Marie: Shall be with you in minutes.

Frank: Oh.... Today is a busy day.

Marie: Not so bad.