ACT 1.  Telephone conversation

        Jessie wanted to speak to the boss, Miller, but he was not in the office.


The telephone rang.


Peggy : This is Peggy speaking.

Jessie : Hello , this is Jessie . May I speak to Mr. Chen?

Peggy: Hi , Jessie , Love to hear you .I'm sorry. Miller is not in the office now.

            May I take your message?

Jessie: Hum But it's emergent. I want to talk to him immediately. 

      Would you please give me his mobile phone number?

Peggy: Hum.. Sorry again. He forgot his mobile phone on his desk. I

      think it's better for you to leave your message. 

Jessie: Ok. Tell him Jessie called, and my phone number is 2882-5252.

      I'm in Hong Kong. Please ask him to call me as soon as possible.

Peggy: I'll give him your message as soon as he returns, Jessie.

Jessie: Thanks a lot.   


ACT 2.    Make an overseas telephone call

     Then Miller dialed to the overseas operator. He wanted to call Jessie in

        Hong Kong.


Operator : Overseas operator. May I help you?

Miller : Yes, I want to place a call to Hong Kong. The number is 882-5252.         

Operator : O.K , will this call be person-to-person call or station-to-

          station call?

Miller : Person-to person. I'd like to speak to Jessie Shi.

Operator : Collect call or prepaid call?

Miller : Prepaid call.

Operator : O.K ,May I have your name and number?

Miller : Yes , this is the general manager from Miller Company in

   Taipei. My name is Miller Chen. My number is 571-1438, extension


Operator : Thank you , Mr. Chen .Please hang up and I'll call you back when I

                   have your party on the line.

Miller : Thank you.


A few minutes later, the phone rang…….


Jessie : This is Jessie speaking.

Miller : This is Miller Chen from Taipei. How is business going on?

Jessie : Hi, Miller. Well, actually I have a bad news.

Miller : what's up?

Jessie : According to my investigation, LUCY company has a big financial

       problem. It may bankrupt in a short time. And what even worse

       is that all of their orders to us will be canceled. If we can't find a new  

       buyer immediately, it will do a big damage to our finance.

Miller : Oh ! Are you sure this is true?

Jessie : I'm serious !

Miller : ( Thinking)

       Well, here is your chance. If you can find a new customer,

       I'll promote you to be our new marketing manager. I believe

       that you can do it !

Jessie : Wow ! It can be very rewarding for my career .I'll do my

       best, sir !


ACT 3.   Meeting with managers

     Then Miller hosted a provisional agenda with all managers in order to

          solve the big crisis.


Miller : Peggy, I want to a meeting agenda right away. Ask Mr. Woo of Export

             Department to meet me in the meeting room at 4 pm.


Five minutes later


Miller: Well , Robert, our company is facing a big crisis. And Jessie is

             undertaking this affair. But I don't know whether she will succeed or


 Robert : What will you do if she fails?

 Miller :  I don't think she will fail. After all she is well-experienced

         and a clever woman. The problem is that she will no longer be                       

         under your supervision. I'm going to transfer her to our Hong  

         Kong based office .

 Robert: But , if she goes , I'll be losing the best and most capable assistant

              that I have ever had .

 Miller: I understand your worry. But , you know , there must be someone

       in charge of our crisis. I'll find a new assistant for you.


 He turned to Peggy.


 Miller: Peggy ,please place an ad in newspapers tomorrow .We should

        be able to find a right replacement for Mr. Woo and his department.


ACT 4.   Answering Machine

         A man who responds to the wanted ad called for the job opening. He 

                  wanted to have an interview with Miller.


Answering machine : Hello! This is Miller Company. We're not able to come to the phone right now. But if you leave a message, we'll go back to you as soon as we can. Please wait for the tone. [Beep!]


The caller:  Hello! This is Amy Shun calling for Mr. Chen. Uh… Oct. 23rd,

10:00am. I've read the ads you placed on the newspaper. I am interested in this position. I have sent my biographic sketch to

          your company. I would appreciate an interview at your convenience.

                   You can reach me by this phone number, 555-2527. Thank you.


ACT 5.   Interview

         Mrs. Shun came to meet with Mr. Miller Chen. And she tried to get

                  the job.


 Peggy : Mr. Chen . Mrs. Shun is here and waiting for your 


 Miller :  Send her in, please.


Mrs. Shun came in.


Miller : How do you do? Mrs. Shun. Please sit down.

Mrs. Shun : Thank you. Mr. Chen. I'm glad to meet you.

Miller : I've read your resume .You said that you have three years experience

             at marketing. I think you can be good at finding a new buyer,

             am I right?

Mrs. Shun : Well, I'm not good at it .I am very "good" at selling products.


The phone rang.


Jessie :  This is Jessie speaking.              

Miller:     Wait a minute. (He turned to Mrs. Shun.) I'm sorry. I have a very

                  important phone call.

Mrs. Shun: That's all right. I'll wait outside.

Miller: (He returned to the phone call.) What's going on now?

Jessie: Mr. Chen. I'm invited to a commercial cocktail party. There will be many

            enterprisers in that party. May I have the authority to negotiate with the

            buyers who are interested in our products?

Miller: Oh! Boy. Let's go for it!

Jessie: Fine. I'll try it hard.

Miller: Peggy, please send Mrs. Shun in.


Mrs. Shun came in.


Miller: I'm sorry to keep you waiting. Where were we?

Mrs. Shun : That's ok. We're just talking about my experience.


ACT 6 .   At a Cocktail Party

         Jessie attempted to find a new buyer.


Welson : Wow! It's a great party, isn't it?

Jessie: Yes, it sure is.  ......

Jessie: (Looking around) Well, if you excuse me, I have to see a gentleman over


Welson : Oh, certainly. It's my pleasure to meet you.

Jessie : I enjoy meeting you ,too.


Jessie walked toward Frank.


Jessie: Hey! Frank! Long time no see. How's everything?

Frank: Fine. And you?

Jessie: Quite good.

Frank: It is said that the product of our company is very hot! Right?

Jessie: Ha ha . Yeah ,it is.

Frank: Well, actually, we are thinking of ordering this product from


Jessie: You'd better hurry .Decide quickly .Otherwise, we will be run

      out of stock soon. Since you have been doing this business with us for

      quite many years, I can offer you some discount if your order is more

            than our minimum requirement.

Frank: Oh! That's great. I know that you are busy. I'll call you next week after

            we make our final decision.

Jessie: All right. Thanks for your time. Nice to meet you.

Frank : Me too. See you later.

Jessie: Goodbye.


ACT 7.  Schedule for the manager

        Peggy told Miller about his schedule.


Peggy: Good morning , Mr. Chen

Miller: Good morning , Peggy. What's on the agenda today?

Peggy: Well, Mr. Block has an appointment to see you at

          10:00 am , and you have a date with Tracy in the afternoon.

Miller: Tracy ? You said Tracy ? Please cancel that !

Peggy: O.K , cancel the date with Tracy , and we have a celebrating

          party in Hilton at 8:00 pm .

Miller: Umm, I know, please prepare my black suit for me for the party. 

Peggy: No problem. Oh ! The most important thing is that Frank Smith 

         and Jessie will be here in a few minutes to discuss the business with


Miller: That's a good news. (He turned to Peggy and instructed her.)

          Please send in Frank Smith's files to my office right now.

Peggy:  O.K !


ACT 8.  Meeting between Frank and Miller

        Frank and Miller talked about their cooperation.


Peggy : Mr. Chen, Mr. Smith and Jessie are here.

Miller: Good , send them in.

Peggy: O.K .

Frank: How do you do?

Miller: How do you do?

Miller: Jessie tells me that you have a high interest in our product , right ? 

Frank: Yeah , as you say , I am sure there must be a potential in Hong

       Kong market .We are looking for a partnership with people in

       Taipei. Yours is highly recommended by the chamber of commerce

       in Hong Kong . Are you interested in joining us ?

Miller : Well , that is what I want ,too .

Frank: Good news! Let's make a prosperous fortune together !

Miller : Yep ! Oh, I know you are very busy , I'll let Jessie bring in

         the detailed contract for your review next week .Then we can reach

                  agreement and sign up for cooperation.

Frank: That's crucial. I shall arrange a meeting for it. My secretary  

      will contact you as soon as everything is ready.

Miller : Yes, keep in touch.


ACT 9.  Celebration party

        Miller announced a promotion to Jessie in the position of marketing



While everybody was eating, Miller made an announcement.


Miller: May I have your attention , please? Thank you for coming. We 

      are very glad you could make it .Tonight we are celebrating an 

      agreement between Frank Limited and Miller Company . We shall

cooperate in a joint venture. And I'm very glad to introduce Jessie , the new marketing manager of our company . She made a great

contribution to achieve this mission. She is intelligent , creative and full of energy. She does her job at all costs of adventures and risks. But she seldom loses her baits for sacrificing the company’s profits. She is the best assistant that Miller’s has ever had . Let's applaud to welcome our new marketing manager .

Jessie : Thank you , Mr. Chen . It is a pleasure to be here..


ACT 10.  Conversation between coworkers.

         Alex was jealous of Jessie's success, and he said something improper .


John:  I think you are the only one that suits for the position of the marketing

          manager .

Alex : Really ? You're my mind reader .


Jessie broke in.


John:  Say , Jessie , you did an excellent job on this case .

Jessie : Oh , do you really think so ?

John : Yep , I really appreciate your ability on business.

Jessie : Thanks !

Alex : Der ! You just have better luck than we !

Jessie : Yes, I do think that I'm a lucky guy . It goes so smoothly beyond my

       imagination !

Alex:  Forget that !  I think I am just jealous of your success .

Jessie: Never mind ! I can understand why you feel this way. After all, we still

       are good partners!

John: Yes ,yes ,yes ! We all are good partners !