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Situation Summary

The purchasing manager of Taipei Trading Company, Lin Hsiu Chang, wrote an inquiry letter to Acer Computer Company. Ms Chang wanted to buy a computer software package for helping her company in recording sales accounts and making inventory checking. This confirmation letter from Acer computer company will give Ms Chang enough information and also a detail prices for helping her make a final decision.


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November 25, 2000

Ms. L.H. Chang, Purchasing Manager

Taipei Trading Co.

6F, 18, Chung-Cheng Road, Section 3

Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C

Dear Ms. Chang:


Thank you for writing to me on November 1. Your inquiries have been highly valued by our senior managements. Here is the information I gave you during our discussion:

Our office-series can support 20-100 local users running stably at the same time. Apart from this, the internet web sites are designed by engineers of modern high technology for connecting worldwide without being stocked. If you buy these products, we can give you one-year warranty and send a team to build up the new system without any charge. You can also be our members to get the latest information about computer technology and have a coupon provided for discount rate. The following is our detail price list of our office-series:

Product No.


Regular Price

Special price (with coupon)

Acer I

10 local users


NT 10000

Acer II

35 local users


NT 22000

Acer III

50 local users


NT 41000

Acer IV

Up to 100 local users


NT 55000

**Our special price will be slightly higher after Jan 25, 2001.

We are looking forward to building long-term business relationship with you. Please contact  us if you have any problems.

Best Regards,

Acer Computer Company

Eagle Tiger, Brown



Enclosure: Coupon



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Created by
Maria Chang
Melda Chen
Frank Liu