My name is 갶; my English name is David. I am applying for the vacancy of the JUNIOR NETWORK PROGRAMMER which you advertised on the Employment Web Page of April 23rd.

I hold a bachelor's degree with a major in Economics which was awarded to me by Fu-Jen University in Taipei in 1997. Although I am a novice in the workforce, I am qualified for this position according to the requirements which were described in your advertisement. First, I have good command of English, because my university minor subject was English. Moreover, my TEFL test scores were 600. These two facts provide the evidence that I have a quite adequate command of English to work in an international company like yours.

Second, although computer science is not my major subject at the university, the courses I have taken like Data Management, C-Language and Calculus have prepared me for software programming in the field of finance and investment. My grades in these three courses were all above 80. In addition to my computer programming, I was employed at the university's computer center where I assisted the instructors in teaching students how to search web sites on the internet, and how to send e-mail messages by using Outlook software. Moreover, I helped students design their web page by familiarizing them with both PowerPoint and Front Page software.

Third, I was not only active in the university but also a participant in a 1998 International Conference of Web Technology Development in Taiwan. The experience brought me into contact with professional societies and helped me improve my social skills when interacting and communicating with professional people. This experience also taught me how to work with people efficiently.

As far as my private life is concerned, I am from a middle-class nuclear family which is composed of four members: my parents, my younger sister and I. My father is a businessman who deals with international trade. My mother used to work in a bank, but she retired recently. My sister studies nursing and she is going to work in a hospital. My family life is calm and steady. My parents love their children and hold great expectation that their children can establish their own career independently and live a happy life. Fortunately, up to now I have not disappointed them. I have completed my required military service as an airforce sergeant. My hobbies include movies, music and sports. I am an enthusiastic, initiative and interesting person although I can be straightforward and not very prudent in complicated situations. However, I learn from experience quickly.

I can confidently say that I am ready for my future. But I am looking for a good opportunity in which I can make a contribution to the welfare of the company which I will work for. Along with this experience, I hope to develop myself to keep pace with the changes of the era in my profession.