Office Depot's E-Diva: Monica Luechtefeld made Online purchasing look easy. It's looking profitable,too.

Business Week:
EXPEDITORS: Travel and Transport: More airline passengers are trolling the Web for cheap fares. So fewer high-priced seats are being filled, putting pressure on yields. For railroads, it was a dismal year, with lingering service problems and too much money being spent on merger integration.
Forbes Global: www.
Business Forum: Real companies- These pages give background information on some of the world's largest multi-national companies(which will be updated on a monthly basis), including brief details of what the company produces, the company history and some useful facts and figures.
Business Forum: Business leader- This section explores what makes a good leader, both through short discussions and by interviewing real, successful business leaders. As you progress through life you will come across certain individuals who run organisations, whether it is the local football team or a multi-national company. Some will be very able, motivating and uniting their organisations to achieve their goals, others won't.
Bueiness Forum: Interviews- Captains of industry, media moguls, politicians, sporting figures and celebrities - we've talked to them all! Browse through our exclusive interviews to discover how people in dream jobs got to the top of their field.
Innovations: exploit your idea- Good ideas can be very valuable. This section deals with ways that you can protect you idea and exploit them. It is not meant to be a definitive guide to exploiting ideas - but only an over view of the topic.You only have to look at companies such as Microsoft (which didn't exist 30 years ago and generated revenues of @ $19,747,000,000 in 1999) to see how an idea, in the case of Microsoft producing a version of BASIC for a PC, can form the foundation of a very valuable enterprise. Ideas can be very valuable.

Innovations: Magic Science- Rather than bore you by using sterile terminology or incomprehensible explanations or, worse still, unfathomable mathematics, we have gathered together here some truly amazing toys that you can easily build for yourself. These toys are special because they demonstrate some aspects of science / engineering, which is used by nature or man every day.

ProActive English - for Business Professionals - Customized language training for professionals working and living in the U.S. The Web site includes sample language learning activities for intermediate level speakers on up.

Business English Crossword Free online crossword puzzle to test your knowledge of business English.

Business English Exercises An extensive, incredible collection of business English exercises from English International. Includes lessons in grammar, vocabulary and reading as well as discussion lists and free exercises via Email.

Advertising for Fun An advanced level online student activity designed to teach the student how to run an advertising campaign.

Writing A Business Plan From Biz/Ed, this worksheet was written for Biz/ed and the BBC by Sue Hall ofEmbley Park School in Romsey. It uses much of the information that is available on the Internet to help small businesses to plan for the future.