Date 10/16/2001

It is near time to hand in your first assignment about office and telephone dialogue. Work on your computer for content composition, print it out, and give to me on the date due. ( To form the habit of using syllabus, check the syllabus of fall, 2001 about assignment deadline. )

Design a title page by firstly giving your computer aided drawing. (This allows you to practice CAD programs such as powerpoint, photo editor or front page.) Place your picture on the upper part of the title page. Secondly, apart from your picture, give group members' English names, numbers, and departments several lines below your picture. Keep your picture and personal identities in balanced space. E-mailing your homework to my address is not carried out for assignment one. But you will do this when you are writing the inquiry letter.

@@Date: 3/05/2001

Please be advised that attendance and classroom participation are still counted heavily into your academic score, namely, 15%. Those senior students who need time to study your graduate school examinations should not be excluded from attending Monday lessons. This means that you still need to go to class, but do your study after class. No permission of absence will be granted, only with two exceptions. First, you can be absent only one week before your examination to allow you extra time for last minute work. Second, permission of absence will be granted also to the dates that your examinations take place. But I need an evidence to show me that the examination date is Monday. My advice is that you need to exercise very good discipline in managing your time. At the same time, continue your normal study as already being arranged by the university.

Please read our spring syllabus. You will find that the content we will study in April and May is about complaint and settlement. In addition to these two topics, we will study and discuss couple of articles selected from business magazines. The reading skills and glossary must be useful to you. This is why attendance is required. Besides, your graduate school examinations do include English, don't they?

@@Date: 11/22/2000

Please use this URL to review the lessons we have studied in class. Whenever you have questions or problems with which you need to seek help from me or to brainstorm with your classmates, this web site can be useful for you. Take advantage of this information service which can lead you into success with your study.

@@Date: 10/30/2000

To increase your business vocabulary or use of business terms, please read articles from Forbes or Business Week. SF library holds subscription to these two magazines. I shall manage to include their articles in my lecture.

@@Date: 10/09/2000

Your syllabus is revised due to the late delivery of your textbook. Please refer to the new one.

@@Date: 9/25/2000

Most of the time, you will be working in a group. You need to decide who will be your group partners. Choose the ones with whom you can work together comfortably. Your group work should not be done by one student. Whenever such an unfair treatment is discovered, the remaining members in the group must be responsible for this misbehavior. Normally, scores will be reduced about 40%. If the situation is serious, your irresponsibility can cause failure in this course.

To improve your English ability, participation in classroom discussion is highly expected by me. In addition, lectures and discussion will be conducted in English.