Listening Drill(2) :
Listen to a movie critic discussing movies. Check the correct information about each one.
1) The Matrix is a story of a simulated reality. What makes it interesting is the point that reality can be bent and even broken. The special effects are some of the biggest highlights of the film, such as characters jumping great distances, running up walls, or moving at superhuman speeds. Though I・m not a fan of this kind of movie, I thought they were interesting to watch.
Director Andy and Larry Wachowski have created a very dark atmosphere in the film. Almost every scene is tense and breathtaking, and when the violence starts, we get to watch the heroes defeat the enemies without breaking a sweat. Moreover, the soundtrack rocks as much as the movie and it fits the mood of the movie perfectly. The only thing that is not good in the film is the acting. Every time Keanu Reeves tries to act out the slightest bit of emotion, all that comes out is that sneer from Speed. I guess this is the reason his character doesn・t talk much.

<The Matrix >

2) Mulan is one of Disney・s most character-driven animated films to date and it works best as a drama. The movie is less about war and action, and more about the story of a girl who loved her father so much that she would risk her life for him. The film discusses themes of honor, family, and duty more effectively than many action movies, not to mention a :cartoon;.
The animation can best be described as quietly beautiful. The characters and scenery are smoother and more elegantly fluid than previous Disney films. Also, Eddie Murphy・s talking dragon named Mushu provides comic relief and a character for kids to attach to. Mulan is both touching and emotional, and it is a beautiful movie from start to finish.

<Mulan >

3) Julia Roberts・ character in My Best Friend・s Wedding is an interesting one. She is caught between hurt feelings, an unrequited love ,and doing the :right; thing. It・s a credit to the director that the ending was kept realistic, as opposed to a glamorized Hollywood fantasy. Also, Roberts and Diaz both deliver strikingly emotive expressions at key points in the film. In fact, the looks on their faces often convey more emotion than their words. When Roberts hears the news of her best friend getting married, you can see her heart breaking, and when Diaz is on the verge of crying from humiliation in the karaoke bar, you can feel the tears welling up in her eyes. However, we never get a real picture why Julianne is so in love with Michael, who appears as a chauvinist pig. Maybe wanting is more powerful than having.
<My Best Friend's Wedding >