Becky is talking about her family.

Gap-fill exercise

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   13      38.      age      family      hang      kid      maker      Martin      my      nags      old      out      playing      Quiet      Ricky      swears      trouble      where   
Hi, my name is Becky. I'm . Let me talk about my family.There are 6 people in my . Besides me, they are Grandpa & Grandma, Mom and Dad, and my brother Chris. Grandpa and Grandma are so that I keep forgetting how they are. My dad is He seldom talks. My mom is the one who all the time. My younger brother Chris is, well, okay, but sometimes he's such a . When I'm watching a variety show, he wants to watch a cartoon. When I'm listening to , he shouts "!" because he wants to study for a test, he says. Well, who knows what he does in his room, after he to Mom he'd study hard. Anyway, Mom often catches him computer games in his room. So, I usually just go next door Aunt Daisy and Uncle Tim and my two cousins live. My cousins are ; Alice is 14 and Tracy's 13, too. We go to the same school, and after school we usually together. Sometimes we see a movie or go window shopping. Most of the time we are just happy chatting. Stuff like clothing, dating, friends, music, anything will cheer us up, as long as Chris is not around.