Listening Drill(2) Script:
Security check

A: Ma'am. Please put all carry-on luggages on the conveyor.

B: Oh, sure.

A: Now step forward and go through this metal detector. (Beep)

A: This way, ma'am.

B: Did I do something wrong?

A: Don't worry. Do you carry something metallic?

B: Um, let's see. Oh, there is the nail cutter in my pocket.

A: Ma'am. You should pack them in your checked baggage. However, you are not allowed to carry them when you boarding the plane. Would you like to throw them into this container or pick them up when you come back to Hong Kong next time?

B: When is the due date for me to pick them up?

A: It will be expired after two months only.

B: Apparently, I am tourist. It is impossible for me to make it within 2 months.