Speaking Drill(1) Script:
Lisa is going abroad. Her friend Bill has escorted her to the airport.

Lisa: Well, here we are!

Bill: What airline are you flying? I suppose that it is time to do the checked in. Otherwise, you will be late for the flight.

Lisa: I am flying Eva Airlines, flight 697. Do you know where the Eva Airline check-in counter?

Bill: Let's check it through the departure monitors.

Lisa: Oh, here we go. Flight 697 is now checking in at check-in counters twenty through thirty in aisle eight.

Bill: In order to save our time, we had better ask an airline representative over there.

Lisa: Excuse me. Is this the line for flight 697 to Augustine , TX ?

Lady: Yes, it is.

Bill: Oh, no! This line is too long!

After waiting in line for one hour, Lisa and Bill finally reach the check-in counter.

Lisa: Here are my ticket, passport, and visa for the United States . Uh¡Kif it's possible, could I have a window seat, please?

Clerk: I'll see what I can do. Can you put your baggage on the scale, please?

Lisa: Ugh¡KOK. There it is!

Clerk: I'm sorry, but your baggage is over the weight limit.

Lisa: It is? Well, what can I do?

Clerk: You could check in all these bags, but you would have to pay for the overweight ¡Xabout NT$2,000 dollars.

Lisa: NT$2,000! That's expensive! Anyway, I have no choice right now.