Speaking Drill(2) Script:
Lisa has arrival in Los Angles. She approaches the immigration.

Officer: Passport and immigration card, pleaseˇK.Thank you. Why do you come to the United States ?

Lisa: I've come here to visit my cousins first. Then I am going to take some Intensive English course in Texas A& M University during the summer session.

Officer: And how long do you plan on staying?

Lisa: Approximately two months. My return flight is estimated on the early of September because I will be back to Taiwan and finish my studying in the University.

Officer: Ok. And do you plan on working while you're here?

Lisa: No, definitely not. I am only here for study traveling.

Officer: Where will you be staying while you are here?

Lisa: Actually, my cousin has helped me to make a reservation in the dorm. I am sure that I will stay there for the whole summer.

Officer: Ok, well, welcome to America . Enjoy your stay.