Speaking Drill(2) :
A: What is the weather today?
B: ItíŽs cold. In fact, the strongest cold spell of the year is about to hit the island the coming Thursday. It has never happened in the last 10 years.
A: God, it's freezing outside.
B: It's supposed to get even worse. According to the Central Weather Bureau, the cold spell is expected to affect the weather at least five days and temperature in the north Tawian will be below 10 degrees.
A: Man, this weather is going to ruin our weekend.
B: No doubt. Other than preparing for the upcoming cold weather, we should still have our umbrellas ready for the next few days due to the heavy rain warning.
A: We'll probably need a boat to go home.
B: Yeah. The total rainfall recorded in Taipei county has reached close to the standard mark of heavy shower warning.
A: It sounds terrible. How long is this rain supposed to keep up?
B: It is estimated that this rainy weather will not stop until Tuesday.