Lesson 11 Self-Identity:

Emily Dickinson


Part I: "I Am Nobody"

Post-reading questions:

1) What do you think is the tone of the poem?
2) How do you think Dickinson feels about being a Nobody? Explain.

Part II: "I Dwell in Possibilities"

Pre-reading question:

1) While reading, try to decide how Dickinson is using the word "possibilities".

Post-reading questions:

1) Where do you think the speaker in this poem dwells? Explain your answer.

Part III: "This was a Poet - It is That"

Pre-reading question: attar, discloser

Post-reading questions:

1) According to the speaker, what powers does a poet have?
2) Explain the metaphors of "Poverty" and "Fortune" and how they contribute to the poem's themes.

Part IV: "Much Madness is Divinest Sense"

Post-reading questions:

1) How might this poem be seen as an insight into Dickinson's self-image?
2) What images does she use to describe the individual and society? How do these images affect your reaction to the poem?

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