Lesson 8 Teenagers:


Brooks, Larkin, Hudgins

Part I: Brooks

Pre-reading question:

1) Who are the "we" of the poem?
2) Look carefully at the rhyme and rhythm of the poem. What do they add to the meaning of the poem?

Post-reading questions:

1) What do you think will happen to the seven?
2) What mood do you think Brooks is trying to evoke in this poem? Why?

Part II: Larkin

Post-reading questions:

"This Be the Verse"
1) Larkin's language in this poem is quite crude. Why do you think he makes the word choices he does?
2) What is the tone of the poem? What words or images lead you to this conclusion?
3) What is the rhyme scheme of the poem? What does it contribute to the overall feeling of the poem?

Part III: Hudgins

Pre-reading question:

1) What kind of rhythm is Hudgins using in the poem?
2) Vocabulary: asphalt, hurtled, flinched, haunch, slewed, vetch.

Post-reading questions:

1) What kind of language does Hudgins use to describe the injured dog? What is the overall effect?
2) What do you make of his use of very specific detail in short bursts at the end of the poem?
3) Characterize the speaker and the driver of the pick-up. What kind of clues does the poem give you about them?

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