Calendar 課曆 reference

Preparation: July –August

1)      報到︰請務必於七、八月(8/15) 到英文系「網路英語教學研發中心」報到﹐領取講義並了解上課方式和課程使用平台。未報到者視同放棄資格。

2)      請於七八月自行擬定論文題目和進行寫作前必須之研究。


Subject & Instruction format

September: --required writing: self-introduction

1  SELF INTRO. + rules [lecture] & GROUPING       

2.  Introductions: 課程介紹、自我介紹、寫作方法介紹

(1) Asian vs. US ways of communication; Process of Writing; 1-2 hours [Connor: lecture + ppt]

(2) Theoretical and practical aspects of communication 1-2 hours [Arul – lecture  + ppt]


October --required writing: a paper proposal  

3. RESEARCH & proposal     作研究與寫論文提案

(1) Doing research in our libraries and on the Internet; [ppt’s from both]

(2) proposal format [Connor: a Word file]


November -- required writing: 2-5 pages of paper draft


4. Styles & Format:  論文文體與格式

(1) Research Writing Styles – [ppt’s from both] (based on common expectation and the teachers’ errors) [Arul –lecture -- recording in class]  

(2) Citation format; --MLA; IEEE [pdf file]  

(3) Organizing information; [ppt’s from both]

(4). Avoiding Plagiarism: Paraphrasing, etc. [ppt’s from both]


December & Jan --required writing: final paper & abstract 論文修改與摘要

(1) Language: Grammar, common errors, [ppt’s from both, common errors + collections of the teachers’ erros]      

(2) Abstract       Format and language –a brief description from both

(3) Presentation  (depends on participants’ interest?)




References: 參考文章與網站

1. Writing and Conference Presentation: 寫作與會議發表

(A ppt presentation based on the paper above: )

2. Format: 論文格式

(pdf file )


3. Organizing Information and Avoiding Plagiarism 組織引用資料和避免抄襲

[Includes: Writing Citations, Using Quotations, Using Ellipses, Blending Reference Materials into your Writing, Citing Electronic Sources & Chinese Sources]