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About the Teachers

Dr. Margarette R. Connor  康??/b>

email: connor@fillibabba.com

?任?典Linköping 大學???師?/span>



From Dr. Connor

Dr. Joseph Arul ???/span>

email: arul@Athena.csie.fju.edu.tw


From Dr. Arul

     From Dr. Connor:

My name is Margarette Connor, and I'm a native of the New York City area. While earning my PhD at the City University of New York's Graduate School and University Center, I taught language and literature courses for both the City University and for State and private colleges in New York. When I completed my degree, I accepted a position as associate professor of English literature at Fu Jen University in Hsinchuang. While there I taught a number of courses, especially in my specialty, Restoration and 18th Century British Literature. I left Taiwan and Fu Jen with a heavy heart after only three years. I ended up in Geneva, Switzerland, where I taught for Webster University and worked on the Board of Directors of the American Library. After four years there, I have landed in a small village in Sweden. From here, I teach on-line for Fu Jen.  I?m also teaching here in Sweden at Linköping University?s Institute for Language and Culture, both in the undergraduate English department and in the Master?s in European Cultures and Languages program.

My hobbies are reading mystery novels, going to see films, hiking in the forests around here and travel. I live in Sweden with my Swedish husband, my son Matt, who still misses Taiwan, a very silly cat, and a Swedish dog, who can't speak English.

From Dr. Arul:

I received my B.Sc degree in mathematics in 1981 from Indore University, India, and the MS degree in computer science in 1994 from De Paul University, Chicago, USA. In the year 2001, I received my Ph.D from the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). I also worked as a research assistant while working on my Ph.D in Alabama. I am currently doing my research in the area of computer architecture, parallel programming, distributed computing and multithreaded programs. I also regularly teach Technical writing course in the graduate school of Applied Science and Engineering (ASE). It has been my interest to prepare the students to write on their own some quality conference and journal papers. I also regularly invite distinguished Professors to share with the young scholars about the methodology of doing research.