4 Skills Wonderful Websites

Pronunciation In American English


This website provides variety of conversations. Readers can know how to express in English in different occasions. On the other hand, the website provides five rules to make people speak English fluently. It¡¦s a good material for people to learn. This website also tells the readers to know how to use this website for learning English. There are 19 pronunciation lessons. The lessons provide you with clear explanation, instruction, and audio files.

ESL Conversations for Dual Citizens

This website provides some topics and tips for conversation.



Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab


Parapal-online English Exercises¡Xlistening section

The site includes several multiple choice exercises with audio files for higher level students who want to practice English listening.




English as a Second Language Handouts and Resources (Purdue Online Writing Lab)

APA Style

MLA Style



Reading worksheets and skills



Lists of most common verbs and irregular verbs:
(1) 100 Most Common English Verbs List

(2) Top Irregular English Verbs




  Dave's ESL Cafe

Real English

Activities for ESL Students



Interesting Things for ESL Students

5 Minute English

ESL Lessons & Help

ESL Net-English as a Second Language Resources 

Cambridge Assessment English

Vocabulix (Learn Languages free and online with Vocabulix)

WorksheetLibrary (home to over 5,000 printable K-6 worksheets for teachers, parents, and homeschoolers)

Using English.com

This website provides a wide collection of ESL tools and resources for students, teachers and academics. There is an English reference section for learning and a Test/Quiz section for testing learners¡¦ understanding of the English language. Articles and forums are provided for teachers and academics.

British Council LearnEnglish

    There are articles, stories and poems as well as accompanying activities. It also provides listening sections for jokes and mini-sagas. It is a site suitable for all levels of English learners.

Study English for Free

     This website is very easy for leaning English. People can use this website to learn vocabulary and grammar. Also, you can use this website to prepare for the English exams! The website provides some dialogue that learners can learn how to talk to others in English in our daily life.

English Club

Welcome to ESLgold.com

     This website provides many learning materials: speaking, writing, listening, reading, vocabulary, business, pronunciation, TOFEL/ TOEIC and idioms.

ESL Games

     Divide into different levels for different learners: from elementary level to advanced level. It is designed for children who like to play online games. There are different kinds of games; some for grammar and some for vocabulary. It allows children to click and at the same time learning words. Also, this website provides printable material for teachers to use in class.

ESL go.com

     This website provides both learning and teaching methods for ESL. For the learning part, the website gives many free classes which provides articles to read and quick quiz to test whether readers understand the materials. As for the quiz part, it provides grammar and vocabulary test for learners in different levels to choose. Also, a discussion board to share the experience and tips from learners around the world. As for the teaching part, here gives some advices and recommended books for teachers as references.

bab.la Dictionary

This website currently offers over 30 dictionaries, including 19 English bilingual dictionaries. Besides translations we provide additional information such as synonyms, sample & context sentences, pronunciation, etc.

Online Learning: ESL Resources

There are many useful link on this page.

The Ultimate Word Game Guide

A list of high quality word games.

Ultimate English Learning Resource Guide

This site has resources related to vocabulary, grammar and punctuation, spelling, and additional resources for English learning.

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