Listen to the dialogue and read the lines, and then click the role you like to play
Unit 10: Pizza_Dialogue_A
Alice Tracy
(A: Alice and T: Tracy are talking in their dorm room.)
A: Tracy, do you have any plans for tonight??
T: No... Why?
A: I get so tired of eating in the school cafeterias. I'm thinking of having something different tonight.
T: What do you have in mind?
A: We can go to Taipei and have something like Japanese sukiyaki, Italian Pizza, or Korean barbecue. What do you think?
T: My mouth is watering! But those those things are quite expensive.
A: OH, come on! Just once in a while is OK; we don't do this every night.
T: OK. Where are Catherine and Sherry? I think they would also like to get out of here for a change.
A: They'll be back soon. They have classes until five. Maybe we should first decide what to eat, and then make a reservation.
T: Touche! Maybe I should also wait until Sunday night.