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Unit 11: Dating (Dialogue A)
Tracy Alice
(T: Tracy and A: Alice are talking on campus.)
T: Alice, where did you meet those guys we were talking with last night at Pizza Hut?
A: Oh, you mean John and Eric? Once I climbed Jade Mountain with the students in the Mountain Climbing Club, and I met them there. They are very interesting.
T: I could see that. How about that American guy?
A: I'd never met him before. Eric told me that he's their new roommate this year.
T: I'm not prying, but it seems that you and Eric are very good friends.
A: I guess you can say so. After coming back from Jade Mountain, we dated several times. We had a great time together, but we aren't going steady or anything like that.
T: Why not? He's kind of handsome and intelligent.
A: He's a lot of fun to be with, but we can't talk about anything heavy.
T: I know exactly what you mean. How about the other guy, John?@
A: I don't really know him that well. He seems to be pretty quiet and shy. Why do you ask?.
T: Because I sat with him on the bus on our way home last night. I was very impressed by his sense of humor.
A: Humor?! John?! Really! We can go out together and have fun sometime after the mid terms if you want.