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Unit 12: Visiting a Doctor (Dialogue B)
Mike Eric& a surgeon
(M: Mike and E : Eric run into each other on campus.)
E: Mike, you're bleeding! What happened to you?
M: Oh, Eric! I had an accident. A taxi hit my motorbike from behind. I have to hurry back to the dorm, so I can get my insurance card and go to the hospital.
E: I have some money with me. Let's get a cab and head for the hospital now. You can show them the card later and have the money refunded.
M: Thanks Eric.
E: Yeah, sure. I think you'll need to have at least five stitches in that wound on your leg.
M: Thank God this is only a superficial wound
(M: Mike and S: a surgeon are talking in an emergency room)
M: It's been bleeding terribly for more than an hour. You've got to fix it right away.@
S: Calm down, son. First, I'll give you an anesthetic. Then you won't feel too much pain when I work on it.
M: Sure. @ (Awhile later)
S: Everything is set. I'll prescribe some medication for you to prevent inflammation. After a week, you should come back here to have these stitches taken out.
M: Thanks, Doc. You're great.