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Unit 1: Asking For Direction_Dialogue_B
Mike A young man
(M: Mike and Y: a young man are talking on campus.)
M: Excuse me. Could you tell me how to get to the library?
Y: Yes, sure. Just go straight ahead, and when you get to the gym, you'll see a four-story building next to it. That's the library.
M: Thanks. I think I can find it OK. By the way, is there a place around here where I can get a quick bite?
Y: Well, there's an American-style fast food restaurant across the street from school.
M: Is it any good?
Y: It's all right
M: I'd really prefer to have Chinese food.
Y: Well, there's a noodle shop right behind the fast food restaurant which isn't bad.
M: OK. I think I'll go for the noodles. Thanks for your help.
Y: No problem. Take care.
M: So long.