Listen to the dialogue and read the lines, and then click the role you like to play
Unit 2: Meeting Roommates_Dialogue_A
Tracy Catherine
(T: Tracy and C: Catherine are are greeting each other in their dorm room.)
T: Excuse me. Is this Room 319?
C: Yes it is. Are you looking for someone?
T: No, not really. I think I live here.
C: Oh, really? Then, you must be our new roommate. How nice!
T: My name's Tracy Rainy. This is my first day of school here and frankly, I am a little nervous.
C: Nice to meet you Tracy, and there's no need to be nervous. I'm Catherine Lee, and this is Alice Chen. Our other roommate, Sherry, Alice and I help you with your luggage?
T: No, I think I can handle it myself, thank you. Wow, it's surprising to see that we have bunk beds in here. How are you going to decide on the sleeping arrangements?
C: We'll just have to flip a coin, or do a round of Paper/Rock/Scissors.
T: That sounds fair.