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Unit 8: Opening an Account_Dialogue_A
Tracy Sherry
(T: Tracy and S: Sherry are on campus)
T: Sherry, I received some money from my parents yesterday. I don't feel safe carrying it with me all the time. I would like to put it in the bank. do you know which bank offers the hightest interest?
S: I'm not sure, but I always deposit my money in a post office account.
T: Why the post office?
S: Well, you can find a post office almost everywhere. It's open nine hours a day and it is more convenient than a bank.
T: Maybe I should put my money in the post office too. what should I do if I want to open an account there?
S: I guess you should have your passport and a name chop with you, maybe fill out a couple of forms, and pick a four-digit secret code.
T: What's the secret number for?
S: It's for security. Whenever you want ot do withdraw money, you have to have you passbook and a withdrawal slip, which has you name chop and your secret number on it.
T: I see. I'll go ahead and open a passbook account before I lose my money.
S: Let me go with you. I want to deposit some money, too.