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Unit 9: Finding a Part-time job_Dialogue_B
Mike John
(M: Mike and J: John are talking in their room.)
M: Oh, hi! John. I'm pretty tired.
J: What have you been doing all day?
M: I've been working at McDonald's for eight hours today.
J: Eight hours?! That's really too much. Did you go to class today?
M: No. How could I find the time to go to the class?
J: Mke, we should have a serious talk about this.
M: Calm down. I know what you'll try to tell me. Listen to me first. Do you know Alice Chen, the girl with long curly hair?
J: Sure I do. What about her?
M: She usually has the morning shift at McDonald's, but she couldn't make it there this morning because she had a job interview with a very good company. @
J: I see. So you got a chance to show how generous you are.
M: No. I just tried to help. You know, I am always very helpful.
J: Sure you are. See you later. I've got to run.
M: Where are you going?
J: I've got to tutor a little kid tonight.