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TEST OF ENGLISH FOR INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATION (TOEIC®) measures the communication ability of nonnative speakers in everyday English skills that people using in the global workplace.

The TOEIC Preparation site is designed to help students understand their language proficiency and enhance their language communication skills. Besides providing TOEIC mock practices and information of language assessments, the website offers test analysis and tips for TOEIC questions in Listening and Reading sections. The site is an access for students to apply test-taking strategies in TOEIC® test and to achieve their goals as effective communicators in international business environments.


多益測驗 (TEST OF ENGLISH FOR INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATION) 為專門從事教育測驗的美國 ETS 研發之英語能力檢定考試,目的為評量母語非英語人士於國際商務環境中的英語溝通運用能力,其試題內容包括不同情境的職場商業英語。

本網站旨在提供多益測驗及其它國際性英語檢定考試相關資訊。針對學生對商業英語溝通技巧及參加英語能力檢定考試之需求,提供TOEIC® 多益英語檢定考試之聽力、閱讀題型分析及線上模擬測驗練習機制。期能藉此幫助學生進行自我語言評量瞭解本身實際英語溝通能力、強化多益測驗應試能力,除能提高語言使用精準度及表達技巧,更進而能應用於國際商務環境中。

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