Business English
Complaint and Settlement

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Vocabulary List

P. 130

1. a variety: a kind of (letters)
2. tactfully and firmly
3. adjustment: settlement
4. receipt
5. a retail outlet: 零售管道; 零售商
6. a typewriter correction tape: 打字機修改色帶
7. to be featured by : to be displayed as a special product (imply its popularity)
8. to cover: to fit
9. to distract
10. returns: 退貨
11. be beseiged with: to be annoyed with something
12. to stock: to order; to purchase
13. priority mail: express mail
14. several rolls: 幾捲色帶, 底片, 錄音帶, 等等
15. to distribute: 經售


16. a difference: 差額
17. to call on
18. deluxe: very luxurious
19. to be due; amount due
20. a fault; a mistake; an error
21. to enter a data輸入資料
22. to account for: to explain; I really don't understand how this mistake was made.


23. to check in (for clearnace): to register; to acknowledge; to let people know報到驗明身份
24. to violate: to disobey
25. one's conduct: behavior
26. to keep up to date
27. something is in session: 在進行中
28. to proceed to: 進入
29. to pass on: 傳下去
30. at some length: at some possible ways
31. conference


32. to monogram: to mark something: to print
33. stemware: high-heeled wine glasses
34. to crack: 裂痕
35. goblet:高腳酒杯
36. block lettering: 方體字
37. to be upset at
38. manner: 處理方式
39. bride and groom
40. to confess
41. handspring豎蜻蜓; 翻跟斗
42. to expedite: to carry out something quickly
43. ironstone: 鎮紙石
44. to bring out: to produce
45. to goof: to make a stupid mistake
46. a bang-up job: a job without success
47. to put out: to stop; to terminate; to discontinue; not let it happen again
48. donor: giver; gift-giver
49. newlyweds
50. to extract a promise: to draw or to make a promise

p. 138

51. architecture; architectural firm: 建築師事務所; 建設公司
52. maintenance service: 清潔維護公司
53. janitor; janitorial services: 清潔工作
54. to be in effect: 合約生效
55. to be dissatisfied with
56. number; numerous times: many times
57. explicitly: 清楚明白地
58. to be in jeopardy: in damage or disaster …the contract is in jeopardy 違背合約規定
59. to revert back to: 重回
60. performance: 表現成績
61. comments 評論
62. from six to eight weeks elapse: 間隔六至八週才清潔 elapse: time to pass
63. to vacuum: 用吸塵器打掃
64. tile floors磁磚地板
65. solvents: 清潔劑 ; 化學融解劑
66. to be polished打蠟使家具光滑
67. contract stipulations: 規定
68. walls and drapes: 窗簾
69. miscellaneous: 雜項; 其他項目
70. cabinets置物櫃; 櫃子
71. lavatory: 洗手間
72. ash trays: 煙灰缸
73. contract provisions: 合約條文

P. 139 Response

74. to be outraged: 憤怒
75. The customer's word is my bond. bond: promise; agreement
76. objections
77. premises: a building 大樓
78. shortcomings: 缺失
79. to render: 提供
80. apologetically

p. 140-141

81. a substitute: 替代物
82. a manual: 手冊
83. hard-bound books: 精裝本
84. a spiral binding: 平裝本
85. a shipping ticket: 注意事項
86. to be out of stock: 缺貨
87. to call attention to: 引起注意
88. a sizable order: 大的訂單
89. binding: 裝訂
90. to keep up with: 趕上進度
91. to farm out: to hand over to someone 轉交某人代為執行

p. 142

92. collection agency: 催款公司
93. to be annoyed with someone for something
94. fluke: 僥倖
95. to spew out: to produce: to print out
96. a glitch: a sudden and brief failure; mistake
97. to chafe: to hurt


98. accuracy, accurate: correct
99. discrepancy: difference in credit amount 差額
100. in arrears: late in paying money that is owed ; arrears: debt or deficit
101. to arrive at: 達到一種效果
102. a preposterous figure: 一個愚蠢可笑的數字 preposterous: ridiculous; outrageous
103. be guilty of:
104. account balance: 帳款淨額
105. a ledger sheet: account report 帳務報表
106. to account for: 解釋
107. an entry: 項目 i.e. a credit entry: 款項
108. an alternative: 另一權宜之計; 另一選項
109. to be embarrassed about
110. to confess: 承認錯誤
111. to make out a check: 簽發支票
112. a foul-up: a mistake

p. 146

113. to count: 計算
114. to attend a convention: 出席會議 attendance
115. in advance: 在…之前
116. to misplace: 放錯地方
117. to improvise: 現場擬稿
118. unproductive: 無結果
119. to be tempted to: 嘗試
120. be entitled to: 具有權力
121. to reveal: 顯示
122. a custodian: 看管人員; 警衛
123. to lock something up:
124. lost and found room: 遺失保管處
125. whereabouts: 行蹤
126. carton: 紙箱
127. to be hidden from sight: 看不見
128. corker: a great idea
129. top-notch: the best
130. hostelry business: hotel business

p. 148

131. to object to
132. to be sound: reasonable
133. to have a run on: to have a large quantity on
134. covers: 此處指Comet golf club 的代理; 暗示購入大量高爾夫球袋 cover for someone掩護

p. 174

135. to retain goodwill: 維持善意
136. to fill in for the regular crew: 代工
137. to turn out: 事情的結果
138. to be penalized: 受懲罰; 受…之苦
139. on account of : due to; because of


140. out of stock: 無貨
141. headquarter
142. adequate
143. booklet
144. to fill an order; to place an order with

p. 176

145. trophy: 獎杯
146. a tournament: 比賽
147. get around to it: 解決

A Complaint Letter and Settlement

What outcomes do we complain when a business is in transaction? As suggested in the textbook (p. 130-149 and 173-190), frequently occurred complaints could be the following situations, which we are dissatisfied with:

1. poor performance on a service such as a contract, typing errors on invoice, misplacement or loss of important documents
2. receipt of unsatisfactory merchandise such as damaged, missing, shortage, or wrong goods
3. poor quality of products
4. patented and/or fake products
5. loss caused by price differences
6. and many others occurring depending on various instant real life situations.

To write such a letter, the complainer/petitioner must explain precisely what the problem is. If possible, how the problem is caused. Sometimes suggestions to solve this problem are also made. On the other hand, after receiving such a letter, the supplier or provider must know how to respond to it with reasonable explanations. Normally, they will conduct a thorough investigation and report the result to the complainer. It is also efficient when the supplier can relate reasonable solutions/proposals to compensate the customer's loss. However, bear in mind. The right side is not always on the customer. Under this circumstance, supplier must explain reasonably what goes wrong with the complaint and justify that no further action will be taken to resolve the customer's false petition.

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