Read your textbook p.314-317, for a general introduction. Read the resume sample on page 324-325, entitled Resume: Little Related Job Experience. This resume best fits your background.

A resume is a summary of your qualifications. Other terms for this document are Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Data Sheet. Curriculum Vitae is frequently used in British English while Data Sheet sounds out-of-date and informal. In your resume, you should emphasize the events and accomplishments that make you look good as a potential employee. It should be an interesting profile of your merits and strengths. A good resume contains five basic parts:

  1. A heading
  2. Experience ( a description of the jobs you've held)
  3. Education (degrees, major courses taken, special training, etc.)
  4. References (not mandatory)
  5. Personal Data (data which are useful for the personnel officer to decide to hire you.)

A heading basically contains your name, address, and telephone number including any electronic communication. Write name and address in Chinese since you are seeking employment in Taiwan. It is the local staff who read Chinese to open and file your letter.Type position applied for two lines under the heading. Normally,  the applied position has already been printed in job ads or you must be informed in advance through certain kind of connection you have already been established. You need this entry because it helps you focus on the type of work you can cope with. With this focus in mind, you know what contribution you will make to the organization you are serving for. Be specific about your special interest. For instance, you don't just type "teacher".  Instead, you will type "English teacher at a private language school to teach children English".


You must list the jobs you have held with 1) dates starting with 2) your ˇ§presentˇ¨ position, 3) company you are working for and 4) duties you are responsible.   Itˇ¦s important to describe the duties of each job. Remember that the chronological order of your working experience must start from the recent to the prior ones.  You are encouraged to focus on the experiences which are relevant to the job you are applying for. Among your duties in your previous jobs, be sure to mention the types of work you were required to do.  

However, to many of you this can be your first time to get employed and you donˇ¦t  have much to say about your working experience. Several alternatives to this delimma are suggested below:

  1.       Place your education before experience.
  2.       List several relevant courses you have taken at the university.
  3.       List some distinguished achievements you have made through participating in contests or
  4.       List volunteer work, part-time or campus student worker jobs. But choose only the temporary jobs relevant to the job for which you are currently applying. For instance, if you are applying for the vacancy of a marketing officer, including a summer job in a fashion boutique as a sales clerk is sound to the marketing director.
    Or including food service at McDonald's or TGF Friday's is helpful when you are applying to work in a five-star restaurant. Moreover, your work at library is impressive when you are applying for a job with a publisher or a language school.    
  5.       List other relevant entries to the applied job, which you think can be useful for your employer to make decision.


The way to describe your education is to indicate your degree,the institution that award it , and the year. Then, indicate your major. For instance, you will write like this way as below :

B. S. Degree, Fu-Jen Catholic University, 2001
Major: Computer Science

(B.S.= Bachelor of Science; B.A.= Bachelor of Arts; B.S.S.= Bachelor of Social Science) 

As previously mentioned, if you are a novice with office work, you must list several significant courses which are relevant to the job you are applying for. Give the scores earned from these courses particularly when these scores are in favor of you. In addition to this, if you have received special training and are awarded with a certificate, please do include it.    


Some personal data like weight, height, nationality, birth place or marital status are no longer required. But in Taiwan, it is informative for the employer to know whether or not the young male staff complete military service. Sometimes, he or she might be interested in knowing the applicantˇ¦s language ability since this is quite essential in international trade or a multi-national entrepreneur group. You have to figure out what other events that your future employer might need to know so that the information you provide can help him or her make right decision.



A local company may require a job candidate to submit her/his autobiography since an essay can reveal one's English ability. A resume outlines the important merits in phrases about the candidate whereas an autobiography is composed to describe these merits in sentences and paragraphs. They then are linked as a whole by focusing a main idea in each paragraph and adding several transitional words to smoothly switch one idea to another.

Think about information organizations, which you were taught in your General English lessons. Apply these skills about paragraph development to write your own autobiography. A sample shows you such a work.