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Unit 11: Dating (Dialogue B)
Mike Eric
(M: Mike, E: Eric, and J: John are talking in front of a class building.)
M: Hey you guys, what's up?
E: Well, John here wants to ask Tracy, that new American girl, out for a date, but he's scared.
M: He's scared? Why? She's not that hip.
J: I think she is, but that's not the problem.
E: That's right.
M: Then, what's your problem?
J: I'm afraid that if she accepts, I'll end up making a fool of myself on the date. I'm a klutz, you know.
E: Let me see... Yes. I think there's a phone booth in the Student Center. Do you know where that is?
M: Don't be stupid; of course you're not. But if you're having second thoughts, why don't you and Eric arrange a double date?
E: A double date? What's that?
M: It's when you and your date, and John and his date, all go out and do something together. Double dates are usually more fun, and there's a lot less pressure on everyone involved.@
J: Yeah, that sounds pretty cool. Eric, how about if the four of us go to see the new Meg Ryan movie, or something like that?
E: It's OK with me. Mike, thanks for the great idea. Do you want to come with the four of us?
M: Thanks, but no thanks. I have no interest in being the fifth-wheel.