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Unit 12: Visiting a Doctor (Dialogue A)
Alice Tracy
(A: Alice and T: Tracy are talking in their dorm room.)
A: Tracy, are you OK? You've been running to the restroom all day long.
T: Six times so far! I should go see a doctor. The shrimp we had last night wasn't very fresh, I guess..
A: I also had a lot of shrimp, but they didn't seem to affect me. Let me go with you to the Medical Center on campus now. You shouldn't wait any longer.
T: I'd never met him before. Eric told me that he's their new roommate this year.
A: Alice, you're too kind. Should I bring anything with me?
T: Just bring your student ID.
(A: Alice and T: Tracy are talking at the Medical Center.)
T: Alice, could you please help me fill out this form? I can't read all of this Chinese.
A: Sure, no problem. Since this is your first time here, they need to know all about your physical condition. First of all, what is your weight and height?
T: 130 pounds and 5 feet 6 inches.
A: That's 57 kilograms and 168 centimeters. Are you allergic to anything?
T: Nothing..
A: OK! The next question is, "Have you ever had any diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease or kidney disease?"
T: No, but I'm quite sure there is something wrong with my stomach and intestines.
A: No doubt about that. It's your turn now. The nurse is calling your name.