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Unit 13: Planning for Holidays (Dialogue A)
Tracy Sherry
(T: Tracy and S: Sherry are talking on campus.)
T: Oh, how nice! There're only two weeks left in this semester.
S: Do you have any plans for the vacation?.
T: In fact, I've got too many plans and I can't make up my mind.
S: Well, maybe I can help. What are your plans?
T: OK, listen. Plan A-I go back to the States and spend some time with my parents, and also visit my old friends. I miss them a lot. Plan B - Travel around nearby countries like Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia....
S: Wait, wait, and wait! My dear Tracy, how much money do you plan to spend on your Big Adventure? Be realistic! We don't make that much money ourselves.
T: You're right. My parents will send me the money, if I beg. But I'm really too old now to ask them for any money, except in an emergency.
S: Then, what's your Plan C?
T: Well! My Plan C is top-secret. I can't tell you now.
S: OK. You don't have to tell me your top-secret. But maybe you can spend some time with me in my hometown, Hualien, which is near Taroko Gorge.
T: You're so kind. Actually, visiting you in Hualien is part of my Plan C.
S: After your stay in Hualien, we can visit Catherine in Pingtung together.
T: Then the three of us can visit Alice in Tainan, right? It's very much like my Plan C. But I was thinking of doing it the other way around, Tainan first, Hualien last.
S: Let's discuss this idea with Catherine and Alice tonight. Wow! It sounds like we're going to have a wonderful vacation.