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Unit 13: Planning for Holidays (Dialogue B)
John Mike
(J: John and M: Mike are talking in front of their dormitory.)
J: Hey Mike, where did you get his super bike?
M: I bought it from a bike shop in Taipei. I'm going to travel around the island on it after finals..
J: Really?! Are you going alone? Do you need some company?
M: It would be nice to have some company. You know my Chinese isn't very good yet. But the trip will be time-consuming and will take a lot of energy. I don't know who would be interested in going with me.
J: Do you think I'm qualified to be your company? I would like to do something different this summer.
M: You?! Would your mother let you go? I thought you were interested in nothing besides staying with your mother.
J: Please, Mike. You know I'm the only son in my family. I just try to do everything I can to be a good son. But I'm twenty years old now, and I have to be my own man. I'll convince my mother of this.
M: OK. And after the trip, your mother will realize that you are a bit more mature. Should we check with Eric and Patrick? Maybe they would like to join us too.
J: Sure. I'll go out and buy a map, and then I'll go to the library to see if there is a tourist guidebook that we can use.
M: Don't get too excited. First we need to prepare for final exams.
J: Finals?! I almost forgot that I was supposed to be on my way to the Xerox shop to copy this notebook, which I borrowed from the smartest student in my class.
M: I also need to calm myself down for finals. Let's talk about the trip after finals, OK?