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Unit 14: Final Examination (Dialogue A)
Tracy Alice
(T: Tracy and A: Alice are talking in their dorm room.)
T: Mmm, that smells good. But Alice, I thought you don't like coffee.
A: I don't especially like it, but I have to stay up late tonight. I think having some coffee will keep me awake. Would you like some? I've just bought a big jar of it.
T: OK, why not? And where are Catherine and Sherry? It's 11:00 PM already.
A: I don't think they'll come back tonight. They're having a final review with their classmates for tomorrow's test.
T: Will it last all night?
A: Probably not, but our dorm closes at 11:00 If they don't come back now, they will have to stay out overnight. But don't worry about them; they know how to take care of themselves.
T: If they don't get enough sleep tonight, how can they have enough energy during the test tomorrow?
A: I heard that one of their classmates got a copy of last year's test. Everyone thinks that the same questions will be asked again on this year's test. So, working out the answers is much more important than sleeping.
T: I hope they are right about that. Otherwise, they'll be in deep trouble.
A: You seem to be ready for all your tests. I wish I could be as calm as you.
T: I Have always believed that time well-invested is time well-spent.
A: Maybe you're right, but I still have to skim through these two chapters. Otherwise, I won't be able to sleep well tonight. I'm sorry that I have to keep my light on.
T: Don't worry about it. I can put on my eye-covers. Good night!.