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Unit 14: Final Examination (Dialogue B)
Patrick Mike
(P: Patrick and M: Mike are talking on campus.)
P: Hey Mike, how was your test this morning?
M: Hi, Pat. I think I blew it. I should have done better.
P: Well, it's too late to lock the stable after the horse has been stolen.
M: I guess you're right. How was yours?
P: I could only answer two out of five questions on my economics test.
M: Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!
P: I had done my best to prepare for the test, but I just had bad luck. The questions on the test weren't very consistent with what I had studied.
M: It sounds like you just didn't study well enough. But unlike you, I accept full responsibility for my failure because my teacher was very clear about what was going to be on the test.
P: So, what was your problem then? Were you falling asleep during the test?
M: Of course not! I was sitting right in front of the monitor. She kept looking at me as if I were trying to cheat.
P: I don't think that's what she thought about you. You get people's attention because you are a foreigner.
M: Well anyway, she made me feel uncomfortable.
P: Our attendance and class performance will also be counted in determining our final grades. I hope our teachers will also consider our daily effort when they compute the final scores.
M: Knock on wood.