Listen to the dialogue and read the lines, and then click the role you like to play
Unit 3: In the Cafeteria (Dialogue A)
Tracy Sherry
(T: Tracy and S: Sherry are in a cafeteria, waiting in line.)
T: Wow! What a long line.
S: Don't worry. It moves very fast.
T: You're right. The cashier is doing a good job.
S: Tracy, now it's our turn. Take one of the trays, a pair of chopsticks, and a spoon.
T: I am glad to see that everyone uses paper plates here.
S: You know, a few years ago, hepatitis was widespread here. We used a lot of stuff made from Styrofoam.
T: In the States, we have been using disposable paper plates and cups for years, because we're concerned about the growing problem with the ozone layer..
S: People here also care a lot about the ozone problem, and sanitation. We're gradually replacing Styrofoam with other materials on campus and in other places. Now quick, choose something!
T: OK! But all the food looks great to me.
S: If I were you, I'd be more concerned with nutrition than taste.
T: I guess you're right about that. Let's move on..