Listen to the dialogue and read the lines, and then click the role you like to play
Unit 3: In the Cafeteria (Dialogue B)
Mike John
(M: Mike and J: John are having dinner in a cafeteria.)
M: John, let's take the table in the center, OK?
J: Why? It is so noisy over there.
M: But we can have a better view of the TV. You know, the baseball game will be on in a minute.
J: OK! After you.
M: Hey, do you know what these are on my plate?
J: Yes, youve got potatoes fried in vinegar, two beef balls and peas with squid. Why?
M: I've had these before. They are very good, but I don't know what they are exactly. I always have this problem when I have Chinese food.
J: I know how you feel. When I go to a western buffet, I also have difficulty in recognizing the food. Don't worry, Mike, you will soon find out that the cafeterias on campus have the same dishes all the time.
M: By the way, why do Chinese always drink hot soup after a meal?
J: Beats me. Do you know why Americans have soup before the main course?
M: Well, no. We are asking too many questions. The ball game has just started. Let's watch it. @