Listen to the dialogue and read the lines, and then click the role you like to play
Unit 4: Registration (Dialogue A)
Tracy Sherry
(T: Tracy and S: Sherry are in front of the Administration Building.)
T: Sherry! Good to see you! I have to register for classes today, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do.
S: Well Tracy, have you paid your tuition at the Bank yet?.
T: Yes, I have.
S: Did you get a receipt from then?
T: I think so. But I can't understand all of these papers because they are all written in Chinese.
S: Let me help you look through them. Here's your receipt from the bank. Have you registered for the classes you are going to take this term on the Internet?.
T: Yes, I did it last week at home.
S: OK! What you have to do now is to get the Class list from your department assistant. If it shows all the courses you take this term correctly, then you shouldnt have any problem.
T: Really! I dont need to do anything else?.@
S: No. You can find your class schedule on the big bulletin board outside the Administration Office of your School.
T: Thanks. Im glad I ran in to you, you cleared up a whole lot of problems for me.
S: Well, computers have made things easier now. Have a nice day!