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Unit 5: In Class (Dialogue A)
Alice Tracy
(A:Alice and T:Tracy are in the lobby )
A: How was your class today,Tracy?
T: It was quite interesting,but I was surprised to see how quite the students are in class here.
A: What do you mean by that?
T: Alice,when I was in high school in the States,we were always noisy,rambunctious,and asking a lot of questions. Here,the students are completely different.
A: Well,maybe it,s because your calssmates don,t konw each other that well yet. Once they get to know each other ,you will see that they also whisper,pass notes,and daydream in class.
T: Is that so? the students here must really respect their teachers very much, because I see all of them do whatever their teachers say.
A: We have been taught that we should respect our teachers as we respect our parents since we were in kindergarten.
T: I see. The situation is quite different in the States. Teaching definitely is not a glamorous job there.
A: Yes, it semms I read something like that in Newsweek.
T: It,s true. The current situation is so bad that there is a critical shortage of teachers in U.S. school systems.