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Unit 5: In Class (Dialogue B)
John Mike
(J: John and M: Mike are in their dorm room.)
J: Hi Mike, you look beat. What's up?
M: Oh hi, John. Professor Lin thought that I was stronger than the rest of the students, so she asked me to carry the overhead projector from the audiovisual room to the classroom. The AV Room is in the basement and my classroom is on the fifth floor. I think I hurt my back when I was carrying it.
J: Why didn't you take the elevator?
M: I was going to, but I saw a sign that said, "For teachers and the handicapped only".
J: Since you were carrying something heavy, I think you earned the privilege of using the elevator.
M: Don't worry about it; I'll live. How were your classes today?
J: Super. We surfed on-line in our Geography class, and we saw a film in our Military Training class.
M: Sounds great. Modern advances definitely have changed education for the better.
J: Oh yes. I've been told that there is a multimedia classroom on the third floor, and there are electronic blackboards, computers, digital projectors and a lot of other hi-tech equipment.
M: It's hard to imagine what school will be like in the future.