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Unit 6: Weekend_Dialogue_B
Mike Eric
(M: Mike and E : Eric are in a parking lot.)
M: Eric,what's going on in Taipei this weekend?
E: Oh, the same old stuff. But I'm going to stay here and work on my motorcycle. It's been acting up lately.
M: Oh? What's the matter with it? Can I do anything to help?
E: Oh no... it's just a little problem and I can probably fix it myself. I don't want to ruin your weekend too.
M: So how I can kill some time this weekend? Any suggestion?
E: How about staying in the library and studying your Chinese? You're still way behind, you know.
M: No way! Are you kidding??!! I've never spent a weekend in the library in my entire life.
E: I knew you wouldn't take my suggestion; I know your style. How about going to a concert in Taipei?
M: Great idea! But I don't want to go alone, so I'd like to go with John or Patrick. Where are those guys, any-way? I haven't seen them since this morning. @
E: Whenever you make plans, Mike, never count them in. They're "mama's boys", and they always run home for the weekend.
M: In that case, it looks like I'm going to have a slow weekend too. I guess you'll have some company.
E: Great. Welcome to the club