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Unit 7: Sports_Dialogue_A
Alice Tracy
(A: Alice and T: Tracy are in their room around five o'clock in the morning.)
A: Tracy! Turn off the light! Why are you up so early, and why are you wearing your jogging suit?
T: Oh, Alice! Good morning. I will be running in the Taipei Marathon this morning. Would you like to come with me?
A: Marathon?! Are you crazy? That's not my thing. Look at me! Do you think this body could run a marathon?
T: Why not? Marathon runners don't need great bodies. Alice. They just need endurance and a lot of determination. Besides, I 'm not running the full marathon. I only entered inthe Mini-Marathon that covers half the distance of a complete marathon.
A: I'm still not interested, thanks. But I wish you the best.
T: Oh come on! If you don't want to participate in the race, you can come and just watch.
A: Thanks again, but no.
T: I am leaving now. I have to get to Taipei before 7:00 because the traffic will be restricted after 7:00 AM.
A: Good luck, and would you please turn off the lights when you leave?
T: Sure. See you.