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Unit 7: Sports_Dialogue_B
Eric Mike
(E: Eric and M : Mike are watching a basketball game.)
E: Waht a nice shot.
M: It would've been, but it doesn't count. It went in after the buzzer.
E: Too bad! That shot was worth three points
M: It pretty much looks like your team is out of the game. Tow of their men have already fouled-out. They have no time-outs left, and the clock is running.
E: Don't count your chickens before they're hatched. There are three minutes left, and we're only down by five points.
M: I'm confident that we'll win. AS a matter of fact, I'm so confident that I'll buy you a later dinner, if we don't win.
E: It's a deal. Wait! Your team was just penalized for pushing one of our players. And the man who is about to schoot the free-throws for us is our best shooter! He never misses.
M: We'll see...if he makes them both, your team is still down by three points.
E: He made them both! We're back in the game with only three seconds left to play... our best man has the ball again! He's shooting from the three-point range!
M: I can't believe he made it! This is really a good game, 95 to 95. We'll have to wait another five minutes to see who wins this one.