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Unit 8: Opening an Account_Dialogue_B
Mike John
(M: Mike and J: John are on campus.)
M: John, I'm running out of money, what should I do?
J: Try hocking your bike..
M: Be serious, pal! I have a one-year certificate with the Bank of Taiwan. Can I withdraw some money from it?
J: Of course you can , but I'm sure there's a penalty for early withdrawal.
M: Oh, that's too bad. Do you think that I have any chance of getting a loan form a bank?
J: The banks here offer different kinds of loans for helping people do business, or buy a house. But they require some collateral in case you are not able to pay the money back..
M: Well, they say, "A golden key opens every door", but I only have an old, rusty key to open my parents' door back home.
J: If you keep on spending money the way you do, you'll soon lose your old rusty key too, pal!
M: You're absolutely right. I feel so ashamed to have to have my folks and ask for more money. I'll promise them that this will never happen again.
J: Maybe you should get a part-time job. .