Lectures given in this course are based on two main text resources:

  1. The McGraw-Hill Handbook of Business Letters by Roy W. Poe,
  2. Business in English: A Communicative Skills Approach by A. Jack Hacikyan and Marily Gill.

    However, the following textbooks are recommended for useful reference:

  3. On the Job by Anna Maria Millan,
  4. Marketing by Maggie-Jo St. John,
  5. Meetings and Discussions by Nina O'Driscoll and
  6. Communicating in English by J. Bushini.
  7. English Business Communications by Clyde Warden and Judy Chen.

    Some audio-visual materials available from the Audio-Visual Center of the Science and Language Colleges are recommended as useful resources.

    Video Tapes

  8. Getting Around in American English. 407G394-1 and 2
  9. Visitron: The Language of Meetings and Negotiations 407H855-1 and 2
  10. Focus on Business 407F652-5

    Audio Tapes

  11. Business Negotiating 407/B979
  12. Group Discussion 407/G882
  13. Making Presentation 407/M235
  14. Overseas Business Travel 407/OV96
  15. Telephone English 407/T268
  16. Getting Around In American English
  • Inter Office Communication 417/278M11
  • Using the Telephone 417/279M11
  • Introducing and Leave Taking 417/283M11
  • Making Business Contact 417/294M11