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Minority Report

Imagine a world without murder...
Precogs see the future and they're never wrong
Homicide rate had reached epidemic proposition. We were given three precognitive. Every American can bank on the utter infallibility of this system, and to ensure that which keeps us safe will also keep us free. Vote on the National Precrime Institute.
Dany: We are arresting individuals who have broken no law.
Precrime Policy: But they will (break law).
Dany: The commission of the precrime itself is absolute metaphysics.
John: You're talking about predetermination which happens all the time. Precogs
          don't see what you intend to do only what you will do... There's nothing more
          destructive to the metaphysical fabric that binds us under the untimely murder
          of one human being by another.
John: It's better if you don't of them as human. Precogs are pattern recognition
           filters. That's all.
Dany: No, they're much more than that. Science has stolen most of our miracles.  In
           a way, they give us hope of existence of the divine. I find it's interesting that
           some people have begun to identify the precogs. You call this room a
           temple. The oracle isn't where the power is. Powers has always been with
           the priests, even if they had to invent the oracle. If there's a flaw, it's human. It
           always is.
  English Expression Chinese Meaning
1. Department of Precrime 犯罪預防中心
2. contractions 收縮; 陣痛
3. alarm blaring (to blare) 警報響起
4. double homicide 雙屍案
5. Agatha nailed the time frame at 8:04 am Agatha將時間鎖定在8:04
6. The twins are a little fuzzyon that so we'll need confirmation. 雙胞胎對時間的預測還不穩;所以我們尚須進一步的確定
7. Remote witnesses are plugged in 遠端目擊已連線
8. precog(s)
pre-vision-al-lize(d)\previsionalized by precogs
9. recorded on holosphere by premier's Q-stacks 錄製於影像系統的Q檔案中
10. Affirmative. I will validate. 同意.我授權
11. Stand by. 待命中!
12. I got six licenses. Where do you want them? 我查到六份資料. 你要在哪一台影像機放映?
13. I showed eight Howard Marks in the District sorting by  race and age. 我找到八位叫Howard Marks的人. 正按照種族及年齡在篩選中.
14. Run their licenses and registration see if I can capture an address there. 查一下他們的駕照資料. 看看可不可以找到正確的地址.
15. Check if they had the paper forwarded. See if the neighbors knew where they went. Check all relations. 查一下他們是否把文件寄出去了. 問看看鄰居知不知道他們去哪裡. 查一下他們的人際關係
16. The Marks moved a couple weeks ago. Marks這家人搬家了. 沒人知道他們搬到哪裡.
17. Got him in the Foxhall 44221 Gainsborough. 找到了. 在Foxhall...
18. Send a D. C. P. D blue and white. Set up a perimeter.
D. C= Washington D. C. 華盛頓特區
P. D= Police District 警察局
D. C. P. D= 特區警局
Blue and white= 穿藍白制服的警察
perimeter= 出勤任務




19. We're on route. 我們上路了.
20. We got a problem with our location. 定位地址出狀況
21. Time frame 有多少時間?
22. Investigator from the Fed is here.
Fed= Federal
FBI= Federal Bureau of Investigation


23. I don't need some twink from the Fed poking around right now.
twink 菜鳥; to poke around 挑剔, 煽火
24. Write it down on the calendar. 記在行事曆.
25. I can't give him a full tour. 我沒有時間帶他四處參觀.





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