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Frankie and Hazel
Another one of Granny’s rules is that you’ve got to get the 19th century under your belt before you become too cynical about Romance.
Granny Phoebe       Joan Plowright
Franchasca             Mischa Barton
Hazel                        Ingrid Uribe


English Expression Chinese Meaning


bliss 福氣的


pathetic/ pathetic whimp 可憐的/可憐蟲


You're happy sit on the sideline. I think you should get it out of your system. 你只會關起門自憐. 我認為你應該走出來


audition 試演


I have a hot tip on some beautiful Yankee tickets. 我告訴你買洋基隊門票的小道消息


Keep your fingers crossed. 但你要發誓


cheerio 提起精神來.振作起來


Gladiolas 劍蘭花


I lost track of time 我遲到了!
11. liposuction 抽指術
12. Linens and tablecloth 麻紗桌布
13. This city is coming apart at the seams. 這城市幾乎到了崩潰邊緣
14. obsessive and compulsive 固執而又強人所難
15. a slugger 總要有人推她一把
16. junior league/ major league 少棒聯盟/ 大聯盟
17. catcher 捕手
18. pitcher/ to pitch ball 投手/ 投球
19. hitter/ batter 打擊手
20. umpire/ coach 裁判/ 教練
21. outfield/ outfielder 外野/ 外野手
22. the infield/ the diamond/ infielder 內野/ 內野手
23. left fielder/ right fielder 左外野/ 右外野
24. She is going to bat. 她準備打擊了
25. first base/ second base/ third base/ home/ first baseman/ second baseman/ third baseman 一壘/ 二壘/ 三壘/ 本壘/ 一壘手/ 二壘手/ 三壘手
26. six innings/ nine innings 青少年賽為六局/ 成人賽為九局
27. send one home/ homerun 送回本壘
28. strike three 三振出局
29. strike one 一出局
30. You are out of there. You're out. Strike him out. 出局/ 把他三振出局
31. You're safe. Safe! 安全上壘
32. Strike two 兩好球
33. extra innings 加賽局
34. Way to go. 上壘
35. Line up here. 在這裡排隊
36. You're up here. 到這裡來
37. Read between the lines. 仔細閱讀
38. A counselor at law 法律諮詢者
39. You've just violated Title 9 which constitutes gender discrimination. 你違背憲法第九條關於性別歧視
40. all-girls/ all-boys league 女子隊/ 男子隊
41. baseball tryout 棒球賽甄試
42. Don't squander your talent. 不要浪費你的才華.
43. highly overrated 高估
44. Thanks but no thanks. 欠一個空人情/ 那不是白說了!
45. Crack these books open. 好好K書
46. Good shot! 正中目標!
47. Your turn. 該你了
48. A snob 勢利鬼
49. She is a knockout. 她真是個萬人迷!
50. petition 像有關單位提出申訴或請願
51. a jerk 混蛋!
52. His bark is worse than his bite. 他刀子口豆腐心
53. No special treatment. 沒有特殊待遇
54. I'm too old to swing a bat. 老骨頭打不動球了!
55. a council meeting 市議會
56. The guy is out of touch. 那傢夥不知民間疾苦.
57. Have a good class. 好好上課
58. Get changed. 換衣服
59. That's a bad zit. zit= pimple 你臉上有顆痘逗
60. Make a progress. 有進步!
61. to change the course of history 改變歷史





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