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     I. Basic Sentence Components

       The structure of a sentence contains two parts. First, a sentence is made of a main subject, a main verb or compliment/predicate (補語). Compliment includes an object or adverb to explain the action initiated by the subject. For instance, the sentence below is the headline taken from a newspaper article:
       “Internet” is the main subject in this sentence while “give(s)” is the main verb. We know that “gives” is a transitive verb, therefore, “bullies”, “ weapons”,  being  plural nouns, are the direct and indirect objects to explain the action of  “give” about “what” to give and to “whom”.  “Bully” (bullies) refers to a person who seeks violence to treat people cruelly (喜歡欺負人的人). It has nothing to do with “beef”  or “ox” in this context. In addition, “ to wound” expresses “the purpose” of the weapons such as the internet used by bullies. After connecting these components in the sentence together, we can deduce the sentential meaning in Chinese is 網站暴力 or網站給喜歡欺負人的人武器來傷害人, which is the main theme in the newspaper article when continuing to read the report. Generally speaking, a simple sentence structure contains three main patterns listed below:

Subject + Verb+ Adverb

      The fight  started  at school. 

                                                          S.           V.       Comp.
The adverbial compliment functions as an adverb to indicate the place where the fight started.



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